British Dressage Prize Money and Rosettes

To clarify our position on Prize Money and Rosettes in British Dressage competitions.

Prize Money

We will pay prize money out in accordance with BD rule 45.

No prize Money 1-4 starters
1st Prize 5-8 starters
2nd Prize 9-12 starters
3rd Prize 13-16 starters
4th Prize At the organiser discretion

These will be paid on the OVERALL placing of the class, not within sections.

Music classes and Team/MyQuest offer no prize money.


Rosettes will be awarded as follows in accordance with BD Rule 46.

Place Entries
1st 1-4
2nd 5-8
3rd 9-12
4th 13-16
5th 17-20
6th 21-24
7th 25 and over

Unlike prize money, rosettes will be awarded on a sectional basis.


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